Extreme in Australia

In Australia, for thrill-seekers, there are a lot of various sports entertainments at the level of "extreme".
For example

- White Water Rafting is rafting on fast and dangerous mountain rivers. At your choice, there are several options for the route and difficulty levels from 1 to 5.
- Ocean Rafting - riding on large inflatable rafts in the ocean.
- Bungy - there is a great variety of kinds of bungee (traditional jump down on an elastic band) and jump itself (upside down, "soldier" and vice versa, bottom-up).
- Mountain Biking - mountain biking on the mountains or off-road
- Canyoning - traveling through canyons, including climbing climbing elements, including overcoming waterfalls, as well as rafting along mountain rivers and descent into caves.
- Paragliding - flights using a special narrow parachute, sliding in air currents (alone or with an instructor).
- Abseiling - descent from rocks to ropes.
- Fly-by-Wire is an opportunity to feel like a pilot of a high-speed aircraft. You put on your glasses, gloves, fasten your seat belts and go on a flight. The aircraft is securely attached to the steel cable, so it will not get out of control. The direction and speed of the flight you control yourself.