Hotels in Australia

You’ll be spoilt for choice with Australian accommodation. We have boutique hotels, luxury resorts and self-serviced apartments. You can expect friendly service and the best standards in whichever budget range you choose. Find out more about the different types of accommodation, what facilities they offer and how much they might cost.



Relax in a resort where everything you need is in reach. You’ll enjoy spacious, high-quality accommodation and a huge range of guest services, tours and activities. Australian resorts are the ideal way to relax in stunning natural locations - from Queensland’s Hamilton Island to the wine country of South Australia. The activities are tailored to your location, so depending where you are, you can hit the ski slopes, go scuba diving or sip cocktails by the pool.



Stay in a room or suite, speed dial services such as room service and babysitting and enjoy facilities ranging from pools and fitness centres to restaurants and bars. You’ll find most major international hotel brands in Australia’s big holiday destinations and major cities. Ratings range from two to five stars and prices vary accordingly.



Serviced apartments and holiday units

Enjoy space, privacy and the convenience of kitchen and laundry facilities in a self-contained apartment or holiday unit. These are an ideal, cost-effective option if you are traveling with a family or large group or want to spend more than a couple of days in one place. Spread out in the living areas and enjoy cooking your own meals. You’ll find serviced and non-serviced options depending on where you stay.