Cruise in Australia

A cruise from Australia is the best way to discover the breathtaking coastlines, exciting cities, unique landscapes and vibrant cultures of the Land Down Under. Blessed with an incomparable natural beauty, great weather, the world’s best beaches and a contagiously relaxed atmosphere, Australia mesmerizes locals and international tourists alike.

Begin your Australian cruise from Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne or Perth and sail locally or to exotic destinations in Asia like Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam or Hong Kong; tropical South Pacific destinations like Fiji, Vanuatu or New Caledonia; or New Zealand and its stunning Fjordland National Park. Australia is also a popular departure point for long distance cruises to America, Africa or the Middle East. A cruise from Australia is not short of spectacular shore excursion opportunities – explore deserts, snorkel the spectacular Great Barrier Reef, discover remote islands and wander exciting cities. There is something for everyone aboard an Australian cruise!


Possible cruise options:

  - Cruises for one day or several hours
Go on a cruise as a short excursion during your stay in Australia - very convenient: you can simultaneously see the country and its attractions and enjoy the beauty and charm of the seascapes and depths of the Pacific Ocean. Among one-day cruises you will find a cruise to the island of Rothnest, a safari on the island of Fraser or Moreton. For a couple of hours you can go on a cruise on the Yarra or Swan River, cruise to dolphin habitats and other places
- Cruises for a few days
Among such cruises are very popular cruises to the Great Barrier Reef with a visit to the islands Whitsindays and diving.
- Travel by ferry and sea cruises
As an island continent, Australia offers many different cruises. The most important route is the communication between Melbourne and Tasmania. Other places are ferries between the mainland and the island, for example, Rottnest Island, Western Australia, and Fraser Island, near the coast of Queensland. However, there are many cruises in local waters.
- Cruise on an ocean liner
Perhaps there is no better way to Australia than to sail to Sydney Harbor on a cruise ship. Sydney is the main port of destination for most cruise ships, and its two passenger terminals offer great opportunities.
Between October and March, there are cruises between Australia and New Zealand on ocean liners of the world's leading cruise companies.
- Ferries to Tasmania
The regular ferry "Spirit of Tasmania" carries passengers and transport, making night flights between Melbourne and Tasmania. In summer, during peak periods, additional flights are introduced