Excursions in Australia

Australia is a distant and magical country, enticing you with the promise of a romantic adventure.

We invite you to explore this land and enjoy an unforgettable experience.

In over ten years of working in the travel industry and international services we have conducted numerous interesting tours around Australia, New Zealand and the Fijian Islands. Besides our travel ventures Double Bay Inbound Travel is also involved in numerous international projects - the organization of conferences and business seminars and the organization of studying in Australia. The high professional standard maintained and high quality of service have ensured the company's good name and earned it the reputation of being a serious and reliable partner.

We will prepare a fascinating tour for you of the highest quality and taking into account all of your preferences. We offer individual and group tours, we will prepare business seminars with visits to various enterprises and business meetings and will show you the coziest corners of Australia. We will do everything in our power to make your stay here comfortable and memorable as well as educational. And will combine it harmoniously with your business meetings if necessary. Our employees will help you to decide on the best routes to take, provide lots of information about the various programs, flights and tours.

Wherever you are during your visit to Australia you will always be surrounded by the warm and caring employees of Double Bay Inbound Travel.

This brochure is a special publication for travellers who prefer to experience only the best hotels and the most unique experiences in Australia and also features some of the best luxury resorts in Fiji. This brochure features the overviews of selected Australian destinations and will introduce you to the best possible accommodation and the most unique products and touring options in each destination. The brochure will be a part of the Deluxe Travel Program.

There is no other place on the planet quiet like Australia. Come visit us and see for yourself!

We await your arrival!