Ekotourism on Fiji

Fiji is ‘Sustainable’ eco-tourism. Stay in one of our many eco-resorts, lodges, backpackers or a village homestay. Trek, swim or birdwatch in our National Parks and Reserves. Observe our ladies creating mats, masi (tapa) hats, fans and baskets from natural materials. See pottery made the traditional way or attend a talanoa session (storytelling) about history, legends and traditional local medicines. A visit to Fiji is not complete without a traditional kava session and our mekes (traditional song and dance),

are a cultural feast. If you don't have time to travel all around, the city of Nadi offers an outstanding array of Fiji activities.

Like your Fiji ‘Experience’ a little racier? Trek mountain trails culminating in a swim under a waterfall.

Visit caves and listen to traditional stories of great chiefs and tribal wars. Backpack our outer Fiji islands or step it up a notch and white water raft our pristine rivers or surf our world famous waves.