Vanua Levu Island


Vanua Levu, Fiji’s second largest island is a blending of the best attributes that Fiji possesses. Warm and hospitable people, sugar cane fields, pine forests, fabulous rainforests, swaying coconut groves, copra plantations, sandy beaches and bays all flanked by one of the world’s longest barrier reefs.


Landing at Savusavu's small airport one finds oneself amongst a mixture of folk. Long-term expatriates, backpackers, locals, quite a few ‘hippy-types’ and the occasional businessman.


Savusavu is a lovely little town opposite Nawi Island on Savusavu Bay. The view from town is superb with the bay tranquil and protected making it an ideal haven for the numerous yachts that moor here. Some come for a few days and others come and stay for years. Yachties are a bit of a unique breed but if you get a chance to have a drink with them at the Yacht Club at the Copra Shed, do so as they are an interesting and entertaining bunch.


 There are numerous resorts around Savusavu which are possibly the only ones with access to the good beaches in this small community.


The main street has a mixture of Indian and Chinese shops with the market in the centre of the town. There is another yachting centre called Waitui Marina run by one of the icons of the diving industry, Curly Carswell. Curly was responsible for the importation of Fiji’s first hyperbaric chamber to treat divers for the bends.


There are hot springs, strangely enough located behind the Hot Springs Hotel! Other accommodation is available in a variety of hotels, guest houses, lodges and resorts.


Restaurants offer a good selection of food from the usual curry to pizzas to lobster to Chinese, to Fijian.